Claim a Prize Using the Drop Box

Illustration of envelope going into a dropbox

We now have a secure drop box at Oregon Lottery headquarters in Salem with outdoor access for 24/7 availability. 

To claim your prize by using the drop box:

  1. Sign the back of your winning ticket.
  2. Complete the Winner Claim Form. Be sure to keep a copy for your own records.
  3. Put both the Winner Claim Form and your signed original winning ticket in an envelope.
  4. Place the envelope in the drop box.

Once we get your claim, we’ll start the process of issuing your check. Payments will be processed and mailed typically within 14 days. Your claim will be processed on a weekday, regardless of when we receive it. 

When you arrive in Salem

Look for the box near the window with the awning at Oregon Lottery headquarters at:
500 Airport Rd SE, Salem, OR 97301 (please do not mail to this address).

Forms and envelopes are provided next to the drop box that you can fill out there, or you can print a Prize Claim Form and bring it with you.

To claim prizes up to $50,000