Prize Claim Form

Below you’ll find a printable form to use when claiming your prize. Please follow the instruction on the form and fill it out completely to avoid delays in processing your claim.

Top 10 Claim Form Errors


  1. Claim form is not signed
    Both the ticket and the prize claim form need your signature.
  2. Not including a phone number
    If we have questions, this is the best way for us to reach you.
  3. Winning ticket is not signed
    Filling out and signing the back of the ticket establishes your ownership of it. It’s also important that the name on the ticket matches the name on the claim form.
  4. Missing Social Security Number
  5. Ticket is sent in without a claim form
    A completed prize claim form is required to claim prizes of any amount. Winning tickets sent without an accompanying claim form will be retained until a claim form is received.
  6. Claim form is not legible
    This includes unreadable handwriting and not leaving spaces between words.
  7. First and last names are swapped
    On the claim form, write your last name then your first name in the name fields.
  8. Citizenship field is blank
    This field is not optional and important for tax documents.
  9. Using more than one claim form
    Only one claim form is needed, even when redeeming multiple tickets at once.
  10. Not claiming tickets at a Lottery retailer
    It’s usually faster and easier to claim eligible prizes at Lottery retailers.