Second Chance

Scratch-it fans, rejoice! Even though not every ticket is a winner, every non-winning Scratch-it can now be entered into Second Chance drawings — and that means one more chance at the game’s top prize. Give new life to your old Scratch-its with Second Chance!

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  1. Download the Oregon Lottery app
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  3. Scan tickets and tap to enter non-winners into Second Chance (Or select the auto enroll option to never miss an entry)

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Download the Oregon Lottery mobile app and scan from anywhere. It’s the easiest way to enter Second Chance drawings, see if you won, and manage your My Lottery account. Once you’ve created an account, scan your Scratch-its and tap to enter non-winning tickets into Second Chance. Or to make things even easier, select the option to automatically enter tickets and never miss an entry.

Second Chance Quick Links


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Scratch-its winner Verla K.

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Second Chance winner Christopher

Enter a Scratch-it and Dream of England

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Event Tickets, free Scratch-its, swag — yes! We do drawings for fun stuff on the regular. Check them out so you don’t miss out!

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