Lottery Dollars Support Outdoor School

Many Oregonians share happy memories of attending fifth- or sixth-grade camp, or Outdoor School, as it’s now known. These days away from the classroom (and nights away from home) were filled with campfires, s’mores and the novelty of hanging out with friends in some of Oregon’s most beautiful natural settings.

While it might be fun for kids to see teachers emerge from rumpled sleeping bags in their pajamas, there is serious learning to be done. Today, 92 percent of participating schools design camp programs to support their existing science curriculum. Even better, most report significant growth in students’ leaderships, critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Because of these extraordinary results, Oregon voters decided that all Oregon fifth- or sixth-grade students should have the opportunity to share in this classic childhood experience, funded in part by Lottery dollars. While not yet at 100 percent, participation is growing, ensuring that Oregon kids can continue to participate in this defining opportunity, hopefully for generations to come.


students participated in the first year of statewide Outdoor School


of the state’s 197 districts received funding


cumulative days spent outside by our 5th & 6th graders


counties participating (that’s all of them!)

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exterior shot of cabin
Outdoor School gives kids a chance to shine, gives them more confidence and a greater love for learning and discovery.
— Brittany Bottensek, director, Triangle Lake Charter School Outdoor Program

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Qualifying for Funding — Outdoor School

Public and private schools in Oregon may qualify for lottery funding for their outdoor school programs. Schools can apply through Oregon State University’s Extension Service.