Randi M – McMinnville — 10/24/23

Just Another Tuesday?

Just another Tuesday in Randi’s McMinnville home turned into a day she’ll never forget. While checking her messages, an email from the Oregon Lottery brought astonishing news—she’d won $15,000 in the Second Chance drawing for Bread and Butter Crossword!

Finding it hard to believe her eyes, Randi had her son (also pictured here) confirm the win before doing anything else. Following the letter’s advice, she contacted the lottery office for verification. Today, in Wilsonville, Randi and her son Wesley appeared to claim her prize. “I still can’t believe it; I am in such shock!” she exclaimed.

Randi’s fondness for Crosswords and Bingo Scratch-its made her win on a Crossword game particularly fitting. A caregiver sidelined by an injury, Randi sees this windfall as a timely blessing. With plans to renew her license and purchase a car, Randi is looking forward to whatever comes next. Congratulations, Randi!