Iris R – Keizer — 05/13/24

A Snow Day in May

It’s safe to say that Iris, from Keizer, wasn’t expecting snowfall in May. But a blanket of fresh powder on her front lawn probably would have been less surprising than receiving the news that her “Let It Snow” Scratch-it ticket from December was worth $75,000!

Iris had entered the ticket for a Second Chance drawing many months ago. Then, because she’s a busy mom with a lot going on, she’d forgotten about it. Which is why she was so surprised when her daughter brought her the letter from the Oregon Lottery. Iris was so taken aback that she had to double-check her Second Chance win – but there it was, right there on the website. Now that was a welcome whiteout!

That’s why it’s always a good idea to enter your Scratch-its for a Second Chance. If you win, it’s the best kind of surprise: A blizzard of cash when you least expect it.