Braden M – Portland — 05/14/24

A Five-Figure Surprise

Remember when getting mail was the most exciting thing you could imagine? A letter from your French pen pal, a birthday card from Nana – mail used to mean thrills, not bills. Braden and Brittany M. recently experienced that elusive joy once more when their letter carrier and the Oregon Lottery delivered an exciting surprise.

Braden received some Scratch-its in his stocking (always a good idea, Santa!), but none were instant winners. He entered them into the Second Chance drawing because he is a smart fellow who knows that sometimes, good things come to those who wait. And they definitely did this time! A trip to the mailbox one weekend in May turned from a chore to a cheer when he saw a letter from the Oregon Lottery. One of Braden’s tickets had been selected for a Second Chance drawing – he and his family had won $50,000!

Braden and Brittany say they aren’t sure what they’re going to do with the surprise windfall just yet, but that their family will certainly be involved in the decision-making process.