Isaac R – Beaverton — 07/11/23

1 Number Away Still Won

Eugene, home of the Oregon Ducks, is now also home to another Powerball jackpot winner! Isaac was taking a lunch break on the first day of his new construction job in Beaverton when he decided to buy a Powerball ticket from a nearby 7/11. Having only bought one other lottery ticket in his life, Isaac didn’t think much of it. Later, when he got home to Eugene and checked his numbers, he noticed he was only 1 number off the big jackpot. Isaac almost threw the ticket away, defeated, but not before snapping a picture and sending it to a friend, saying, “Oh well, better luck next time!” His friend immediately called him and said, “Don’t throw it away – you still won something!”

Isaac plans to split the winnings with his friend who saved him the whopping $50,000! They are going to buy a pair of Harley Davidsons and travel to South America, perhaps Colombia or Brazil. The moral of the story: be a good friend, and always scan your ticket!