Frenchglen Hotel exterior

Frenchglen Hotel

As early as 1916, the five-room Frenchglen Hotel anchored business life in Harney County. The current hotel building was built in 1923, and over the years it’s facilitated ranch business, housed teachers, accommodated tourists and more. As the decades passed, it added the latest comforts like indoor plumbing and electricity. Recently, a Lottery-funded grant will help replace its worn and outdated HVAC system.

Despite these nods to modernization, the Frenchglen Hotel remains largely unchanged after its almost-century in business. Today operated as a heritage site by Oregon State Parks, the hotel continues to host visitors who want to experience a taste of an earlier time in Oregon’s history.

photographic portrait of Peter French

Who Was Peter French?

Peter French, namesake of Frenchglen, was a legendary rancher who ran cattle, sheep and horses in southeastern Oregon in the late 1800’s. Some thought him a ruthless businessman who bullied smaller homesteaders; in fact, one of these disputes eventually lead to his murder. Nevertheless, Peter French remains one of the region’s great business success stories, and his memory is strong in Harney County, even today.

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19th Century Landmark Preserved

Peter French Round Barn

Another State Heritage Site, the Peter French Round Barn is a landmark of early architectural design. It’s about a 45 minute drive from the Frenchglen Hotel — don’t miss it!

Peter French’s Surviving Round Barn

Although Peter French became known locally as the “Cattle King,” he actually had his hand in many businesses in Harney County. He was the first rancher to put up hay, and he also raised thousands of sheep for wool. To transport these products, he rounded up and trained wild horses to pull wagon trains of his goods to market in Oregon City.

Specifically designed for breaking and exercising horses during the long winter months, Peter French’s round barns were both purpose-built and uniquely beautiful. There were thought to have been three originally, all constructed in the late 1800’s, but today only one remains. Now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Peter French’s Round Barn is another not-to-be-missed highlight of Harney County history.

Teacher Carolyn Whitney

Frenchglen Today — Meet an Inspiring Educator

There’s so much more to Harney County than its historic treasures; it’s also home to many thriving communities immersed in modern life and technology. Just this year, educational excellence was acknowledged in Frenchglen when local teacher Carolyn Whitney received her region’s Teacher of the Year award!

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