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A Greater Applegate

By leveraging Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI) grants, funded by Oregon Lottery dollars, A Greater Applegate is working to strengthen local businesses, community and quality of life in Southern Oregon’s Applegate Valley.

Putting the Applegate Valley on the Map

Local products for sale at a farmers' market.

The Applegate River originates in California’s Siskiyou Mountains before crossing the border into Oregon. It wends through Jackson County before turning west toward Josephine County, ultimately emptying into the Rogue River a few miles west of Grants Pass.

The area associated with the river, known as the Applegate Valley, consists of many rural communities and businesses who have pulled together in creative ways. They’ve been united in these efforts by a community-building organization called A Greater Applegate. Working with small businesses, they’ve been able to leverage lottery-funded grants (in this case, Rural Opportunity Initiative grants awarded through Business Oregon) to help advance and strengthen their rural economy.

Farmers Markets

Growing Locally – Consuming Locally

Local Products in the Spotlight

A Greater Applegate is all about bringing people together and listening. They hear about local businesses’ strengths and triumphs along with their challenges and needs. As a result, they have implemented programs that help business owners write business & marketing plans and help implement them.

One result is the Applegate Valley Farm and Food Network. It’s a partnership between A Greater Applegate and the Rogue Valley Food System Network. The network includes an extensive group of farmers, ranchers, growers, food entrepreneurs, grocers and restauranteurs. A direct result of their work has been the establishment of local farmers markets. They’ve proven to be a great way to showcase the quality of food products available in the Applegate Valley while enhancing options for obtaining quality food close to home.

Eden, A Greater Applegate

Paulazzo Pasticceria

“The importance of farmers markets, I think, to small communities is really in showcasing the local businesses — because that’s how they’re going to grow. If we want to support our local economy, supporting small businesses at the farmers market is a great way to do it because it’s where most of them start.”

— Eden Paulazzo, Owner of Paulazzo Pasticceria

Jeremy, Blossom Barn Cidery

Blossom Barn Cidery

“Blossom Barn Cidery wouldn’t be able to be where we are right now without the community; they’ve provided us with advice, equipment, and tools. And in terms of A Greater Applegate, one thing that we’ve really noticed that they’ve done is to listen to people.”

— Jeremy Hall, Owner of Blossom Barn Cidery

Display at a Farmers' Market in Oregon's Applegate Valley

The Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI)

ROI Grants: “Business Oregon’s strategic effort to empower rural communities to support entrepreneurs and small business growth through financial support, innovative partnerships, network expansion and access to business development resources.”

Business Oregon distributes Lottery funds to projects that fuel business development across Oregon. Learn more about their efforts in rural Oregon and across the state!

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Even More Oregon Investment

Learn how lottery-funded ROI grants are making a difference in Northeast Oregon through the Frontier Chamber of Commerce, all thanks to Business Oregon and your lottery play.

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