Tiffany H – Bandon — 12/25/22

A Holiday to Remember

You probably know that the Oregon Lottery puts out a selection of popular holiday-themed Scratch-its every December. And while these are wildly popular gifts, it’s also true that any Scratch-it and brighten the holidays with an unexpected win.

Just ask Tiffany. She was enjoying the Christmas season at home in Bandon when she scratched off a Dragonfly Crossword Scratch-it. She’s one of many crossword fans who enjoys seeing how many words they can complete on the ticket. And, in Tiffany’s case, several complete words soon revealed themselves. In fact, she was thrilled when she initially thought she had won $5,000 with eleven completed words. But looking at it more closely, Tiffany realized that she had a 12th word — meaning her Scratch-it was a top prize winner worth $100,000!

We all love the jingle-jangle-jolly holiday Scratch-its every year, but it doesn’t take elves and snowmen to create a holiday to remember. Tiffany will certainly never forget this one!