Tera C.Gresham — 12/08/22

A Happy Birthday Win

Most of us, as we get older, have at least one past birthday that stands out in our memory. Thanks to an $86,000 Keno win, Tera will always remember this year’s birthday.

Tera has been playing Keno for about four years. She’s hit seven out of eight 21 times! But she never hit the eight-spot until just days before her birthday.

Unlike many Keno players, Tera wasn’t comfortably seated at her favorite watering hole while she played. She had purchased an advance ticket and brought it home to check later (have you played Keno-to-Go? Give it a try!). When she scanned her ticket, she wasn’t disappointed with a “not a winner” message. On the other hand, she wasn’t entirely sure if she had a winner either. Confused, Tera decided to check her numbers against the winning numbers on the website. And that’s when things got exciting! With her husband’s help, she realized that she won the 8-spot—for a total of $86,597!

Tera and her husband brought their ticket to the Lottery’s payment center to cash, conveniently just a day before a previously planned trip to Las Vegas. Their unexpected win will help make that trip even more special. And who knows? Maybe they’ll win big again.