Mary P – Eugene — 03/07/24

Dream Trip Coming Up

Mary lives in Eugene and works part-time as an in-home care provider. Before work, she likes to stop for a cup of coffee and to play a few lottery games at Lil’s Deli. On Tuesday, she tried her hand at Big City 5’s Diamond Jackpot, and it wasn’t too long before all diamonds lined up! Mary was more than happy to reenact her reaction when she won $9083.65 and everyone in the vicinity probably heard her excitement. She whooped, hollered, and yelled, “I won, I won!”

Mary, an 11-time winner, shared some words of wisdom that she has learned over the years. “You have to set limits before you start playing, whether it is a time limit or money limit. Once you hit the limit, you STOP playing whether you’re winning or not. You can play every day just as long as you stick to those limits.” Very good advice!

Mary plans to pay off some bills and put some money away for her dream cruise to Italy. Congrats, Mary!