Phillip L – Sweet Home — 04/26/24

A Very Meowy Surprise

Though he’s typically a Keno man, Phillip L. was too charmed by December’s “Meowy Catsmas” holiday Scratch-its to pass them by. He changed it up for the festive felines – and although Phillip is only an occasional Scratch-it player, he knew to enter his non-winning tickets in to Second Chance.

Months later, that knowledge and those kitties paid off. He won a $10,000 Second Chance!

Phillip is a proud dad and granddad and is often traveling around the state to visit his family, especially around the holidays. That’s what he was doing when he swung through Sweet Home to buy what turned out to be a winning ticket. But it was Catsmas in April when he found out he’d won after all.

An avid photographer, Phillip’s winnings will go toward new camera lenses. What’s he going to snap? Holidays with his grandkids, of course!