Marcia N – Prineville — 08/31/23

Matched All Four

Win for Life is a favorite game of Marcia N. from Prineville. The top prize is a whopping $1,000 per week, which is just alluring enough for Marcia to keep trying her luck. The second highest prize is $50,000, only won by matching all four numbers in the $50k set. (The odds of winning that prize are 1 in 676,638!)

Marcia purchased a ticket at her usual 7-11 and waited for the drawing. Later she scanned her ticket on the Oregon Lottery app and then double-checked on the website, but both places told her the same information – she had won $50,000! While not the top prize, Marcia has no complaints about her massive jackpot win. In the most responsible move, she plans to put her winnings in a CD at her bank. And she just might keep trying her Win for Life luck!