Mandy H – Creswell — 11/30/22

Big Jackpots = Big Dreams

When the big jackpots for Powerball or Mega Millions start building up, so does the excitement of dreaming big. Just ask Mandy. She got caught up in Powerball excitement when the jackpot climbed over $1 billion. Who could blame her? She picked up a ticket at the Springfield Dari Mart and brought it home with her to Creswell.

After the drawing, Mandy scanned her ticket with the Oregon Lottery app. No, she wasn’t a billion-dollar winner. But don’t feel too bad for Mandy—because, even though she didn’t win the top prize, she did win a cool $50,000! Not a bad consolation prize at all.

Mandy thinks there may be a new SUV in her future. And, probably, a few more Powerball tickets to come!

Mandy and husband Sharles pick up her prize in Salem.