Lindsey D – Springfield — 04/29/24

Timing is Everything

The butter cookies have long been eaten and the tin has since been recycled to hold jumbles of thread. The ornaments have all been packed away. But Lindsey D.’s holiday season wasn’t quite over yet – she still had a Holiday Cookie Cash Scratch-it that was waiting for its moment. And what a moment it was!

Lindsey, a first-time winner, came in to claim a $1,000 prize. She won when her Scratch-it, which she’d entered in for the Second Chance drawing, was drawn, turning December’s ticket into a springtime surprise. The timing was especially lucky, too – Lindsey was on her way to put a down payment on a home when she came in to pick it up and she wasn’t alone. She has a baby on the way – her third!

Maybe she’ll name the little one after her big win. Chance has a nice ring to it!