Kyle B.Cottage Grove — 02/07/23

A Win in Cottage Grove

Kyle is a wildland firefighter living in Cottage Grove.

Kyle decided to pick up a Powerball ticket at the American Market when the Powerball jackpot was climbing again. It had gone all the way up to $2 billion dollars several months earlier. Just for fun, Kyle decided to play the numbers that had won that huge jackpot for a player in California. Maybe they’d be lucky for him too.

Unfortunately, Kyle didn’t win the big jackpot; however, he matched three numbers and was pretty sure he’d won a couple hundred dollars.

Kyle should have looked at his ticket a little more closely. When he went back to the market, a clerk scanned it for him and gave him even better news: Kyle matched enough numbers that he won $100,000!

Kyle says that money will come in handy, especially this time of year before wildfire season bring him more work. He’ll get some bills paid and put away the rest for a future rainy day. We love that!