Kristine M – Bend — 07/21/23

Off to Disneyland

An early morning phone call brought Kristine M. unexpected joy as she learned she’d won the “La Ofrenda – Day of the Dead” Second Chance prize: $50,000! Overwhelmed with surprise, she shared the celebration with her 4-year-old daughter, promising her little girl any dress she desired.

Rushing through traffic from Bend to the Salem Prize Claim Center before closing, Kristine and her husband arrived just in time to claim their prize.

An avid player, Kristine regularly entered non-winning Scratch-its into the Second Chance drawings. The thrill of the win left her elated and eager to share her story.

With plans to treat their three children, Kristine and her husband are excitedly organizing a family cruise to Disneyland. The unexpected windfall has opened up a chance to make special memories for this fortunate family.