Kendall B – Vernonia — 04/26/24

No Plans? No Problem

What would you have done with $40,000 when you were 19? Put some spinning rims put on your ’97 Civic? Purchase a collection of vintage roller-skates? Become the kind of person who wears an ascot?

Not Kendall B. from Clatskanie. No, Kendall is a responsible young man with a good head on his shoulders – and no firm plans to go on a spending spree.

He recently bought a $3 single-draw Mega Millions ticket which turned out to be a $40,000 winner. But instead of dreaming about all the things he could buy, Kendall said that doesn’t really have any plans. For now, this laid-back young man, who’s currently attending trade school for plumbing, will hold on to his payout while he contemplates what to do with his windfall.

We’re sure Kendall will find something he wants – but in the meantime, he says that he intends to keep driving his same car and working his same job. Good for you, Kendall!