Jesse P – Lincoln City — 07/17/23

Winning Moment at McKay’s

Little did Jesse P. of Lincoln City know that a trip to McKay’s Market, where he purchased a $10 Powerball ticket on Tuesday, would be the beginning of an unexpected windfall. Jesse, a recent Powerball enthusiast, always stuck to the same set of numbers, never imagining they would lead to a monumental win.

On Wednesday, whispers circulated in Lincoln City about a $50,000 winner. Jesse, initially skeptical, decided to check his ticket at McKay’s Market. To his astonishment, the machine revealed he was indeed the fortunate winner of $50,000!

Jesse couldn’t contain his excitement when his ticket scanned successfully at the Salem prize center, confirming his win. Grateful and overwhelmed, he now plans to pay off his car and take a steps toward securing a new home for his family.