Jesse B – Tillamook — 10/20/23

Forgotten Entry Pays Off

Jesse, a 23-year-old from Tillamook, rarely indulges in Scratch-its; however, eight months ago he bought a $5 Double It ticket. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a winner. Deciding to take a chance, he entered that solitary ticket into Second Chance and promptly forgot about it. Fast forward several months. Jesse’s phone buzzes incessantly with friends claiming he’s won the lottery. Dismissing it as improbable, Jesse shrugs off the notion until he retrieves the mail the next morning. Opening a letter from the Oregon Lottery reveals astonishing news: Jesse is a $50,000 winner — from that lone ticket entered months ago! Stunned, Jesse arrived in Wilsonville, still reeling as he waited for his check to print. Uncertain if he’ll ever play again, Jesse, not a habitual gambler, knows this rare windfall will make his lifelong dream of owning a Subaru WRX a reality (and paying off his parents’ car too).