Jennifer C – Canon City, CO — 08/02/23

Great News at the Border

Jennifer and Todd, long-time Oregon residents who recently moved to Canon City, Colorado, had an unexpected turn of fate while returning to Oregon to collect more of their belongings. Jennifer, a devoted Scratch-it player, had diligently entered the Second Chance drawings for years with hope — but never the expectation — of winning a final top prize.

As they crossed the Oregon border on their journey back, an email notification lit up Jennifer’s phone with exhilarating news from the Oregon Lottery. After years of anticipation, Jennifer’s persistence finally paid off. She and Todd hurried to the Lottery office and were stunned by the $25,000 prize awaiting them.

The unexpected windfall, a much-needed blessing, will facilitate their frequent travels between Colorado and Oregon, where Jennifer’s family remains. Thrilled by recent wins, including a paddle boat and now the Second Chance prize, Jennifer optimistically proclaimed, “Winnings happen in three’s! Next up, Mega Millions on Fridays! I’ll be back in Oregon to see you again next week!”