Jeffery K.Eugene — 01/24/23

Second Chance Surprise

Second Chance really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jeffery, like most players, buys a Scratch-it now and then, and scans those that aren’t winners into the Second Chance drawing. Then he goes on with his life.

Depending on when you scan your tickets, you might be waiting just a few days to several weeks before the drawing happens. Many players forget all about their entries as they go about their busy lives.

This is exactly what happened to Jeffery when he scanned a Mystery Key Crossword Scratch-it into Second Chance. Time passed, and he didn’t give it much thought.

But then, seemingly out of the blue, he got an email from the Oregon Lottery announcing that he was the game’s Second Chance winner!

With an understandable dose of skepticism, he called the Lottery to verify the news. That’s when he really got excited—he was a $50,000 Second Chance winner!