David W – Portland — 03/21/23

Keno to Go

David’s been playing Keno ever since he turned 21. In his opinion, the pace of the games makes it less likely that a player will spend more than intended.

With that in mind, David headed to his local Portland 7-Eleven on a recent Sunday with a budget and a plan. He purchased ten Keno games with a multiplier.

About an hour later, David asked his son to help him read out the games’ winning numbers. Due to vision issues, David can better see the numbers when he writes them out with a marking pen, then he checks them against his Keno ticket. David’s excitement grew as he matched one, then two, then three numbers, all the way up to the 8-spot!

David walked right back to the 7-Eleven to ask the clerk to check his ticket, but because of a language barrier, the clerk told David he thought the win was for about $3,000. As good as that news was, David decided to check further. He went home and downloaded the Oregon Lottery app. After scanning the ticket, he handed his phone to his son and asked him to tell him what it said. David wasn’t quite ready for the answer: $78,518!

David’s not sure what he’ll do with his win, although a family vacation to Disneyland is in the works. For now, the rest will go in the bank for a rainy day.