Christopher Y – Sandy — 06/17/22

Enter a Scratch-it and Dream of England

Twenty-six years of playing lottery games in total. At least 50 non-winning Scratch-its entered in Second Chance drawings. And a whole lot of patience. This is the sort of persistence that sometimes pays off—as it did recently for Christopher Y. of Sandy.

It had all become so rote to Christopher that he didn’t really give it much of a thought when he scanned a non-winning Platinum 7 Scratch-it into the game’s Second Chance drawing. But when he learned that his ticket had been drawn, things were suddenly anything but routine. Winning a $100,000 prize, he discovered, is a high-voltage experience; “I was electrified with joy!” Christopher said.

Best of all, that unexcepted windfall will enable Christopher to take a long-anticipated trip to England to reunite with family. Bon voyage!