Charles H – Portland — 08/09/23

Garage Dreams

Meet Charles H. (right), his lovely wife Cyndy (left), and their adorable fur baby Luci. Charles, a longtime Powerball player, switched from Quick Picks to choosing his own random numbers a couple of years ago. Every week, he’d spend $5 on tickets from his favorite 7-Eleven in Portland where the employees knew him well.

As usual, Charles went in to check his tickets. He was greeted by his favorite employee who scanned the ticket and discovered a $50,000 win! Shocked, Charles signed his ticket, ready to make his way to the Lottery office to claim his prize.

Returning home first, Charles casually dropped the news to Cyndy, who initially thought he was joking. After confirming the win, the couple was elated. At the Lottery, they shared their excitement, envisioning a new two-car garage for their unique car collection, which includes a Jeep Wrangler, Mazda Miata, a classic Corvette, and a Mercedes.

Cyndy teased Charles about not choosing Power Play, jokingly mentioning the $100,000 they could have won. From now on, the extra $1 is a must. Congratulations to this delightful family on their lottery win!