Belinda E – Shady Cove — 11/09/22

Too Good to be True?

Have you ever received one of those too-good-to-be-true emails? The kind that say you’ve suddenly inherited great wealth from a distant and unknown relative? Or that you’ve won a contest you don’t even remember entering? I think we’ve probably all been there. And it can leave you a little jaded about unexpected good news.

That’s kind of how Belinda felt when she got an email claiming to be from the Oregon Lottery. According to the email, she’d won $50,000 in a Second Chance drawing. Belinda wasn’t convinced. On the other hand, she was a Second Chance player so she knew it was possible.

So Belinda did exactly what we want our players to do — she called us to verify the message. And that’s when she got excited. Because this time, the good news was 100% true! One of Belinda’s 50X the Cash Scratch-its paid off in the Second Chance drawing for $50,000!

The prize came at a perfect time. Belinda had been out of work due to a recent surgery. The prize money will help her and her husband offset some of their recent expenses and maybe help finance a couple of home improvements too. Good news, indeed!