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Coming Together for Strong Oregon Communities

Watch to learn how the Oregon Lottery and its retail partners work together to make a difference.


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Our Retail Partners — MakING Good Things Happen

A lottery retailer stands behind the counterRestaurants and bars. Markets and service stations. When an Oregon business becomes an Oregon Lottery retailer, economic benefits ripple outward. Not only is a Lottery partnership good for the business and its employees through commissions, but by strengthening local business, communities become stronger. And, of course, each and every retailer generates funds that help support important programs and places across Oregon.

And for you, our retailers are the starting point for your Oregon Lottery journey. It’s where you buy games, often where you play them, and, sometimes, where you win! Let the games begin — at an Oregon Lottery retailer!

Beyond Commissions

Jackpot Bonus

Lottery retailers join in the big wins!

When an Oregon player wins big, they aren’t the only one who wins. The retailer who sold the ticket participates in the excitement with a bonus based on the value of the winning ticket. When a retailer sells what turns out to be a $1 million ticket, for example, their business receives a $10,000 bonus! These unexpected dollars often allow businesses to make upgrades or support operations — and, sometimes, they pay for celebration parties for the whole staff!

A customized flier showing dollar amount earned by a lottery retailer for state programs.

Fulfilling the Mission

Of course, the reason Oregon voters created the Oregon Lottery was to generate funds for important programs and places in Oregon. Each and every Oregon Lottery retailer helps accomplish this goal by selling lottery products. Their sales contribute thousands of dollars annually to the things that matter to Oregon. Lottery players, our business partners, and the Oregon Lottery itself — together WE do good things!

How Lottery Funds Are Used

Become a Lottery Partner

If you’re a business owner interested in learning more about selling Oregon Lottery products, check out the application process!

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