Camp Elkanah

Building On Success

Oregon Lottery funding gives students in the Baker School District an enhanced Outdoor School experience.

A Community Steps Up

During a time when many districts were cutting their Outdoor School programs due to budget constraints, the Baker School District kept their program intact. Contributions from PTAs, community partners and grants helped maintain a daytime schedule of classes at the Elkhorn Wildlife Area 25 miles northwest of Baker City. But with added support from the Oregon Lottery, the district was able to contract with a local residential camp located near La Grande, including four full days of action-packed adventure! Camp Elkanah offers a wide variety of different habitats within walking distance, not to mention a staff of professionals to handle issues from facilities to food service — leaving school staff free to present lessons and oversee student interactions.

Elk in Autumn

Outdoor School for All!

Since Lottery dollars have been added to the funding mix, several Oregon School districts are planning to offer Outdoor School programs for the first time ever. Others, like the Baker School District, have been able to expand existing programs for an even better student experience. Either way, when you play, Oregon’s fifth- and sixth-grader Outdoor School students win!