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Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Park

Honeyman State Park, nestled amid Oregon’s coastal dunes, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and tranquility-seekers alike. Its serene freshwater lakes, towering sand dunes, and lush forests beckon visitors from across Oregon and beyond. With so much to do, there are activities to satisfy every outdoor enthusiast. Explore its scenic trails, paddle along its lakeshores, and or simply take in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s rugged coastline.

Best of all, Honeyman’s prime location makes it an ideal basecamp for exploring the nearby Oregon Dunes Recreation Area, where adventurers can indulge in a thrilling dune buggy ride, take up sandboarding, or hike along Oregon’s famous sand dunes.


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Who was Jessie Honeyman?

Jessie M. Honeyman, seated in front of a park signJessie M. Honeyman was born in Scotland in 1852 and emigrated to Oregon with her husband. Impressed by Oregon’s scenic beauty, Jessie became what you could call a very early influencer. When the Parks Department was launched in 1921, Jessie impressed its leadership with her passion for preserving Oregon’s natural landscapes and its best places.

Working in close consultation with parks superintendent Samuel Boardman, Jessie was able to enact her vision of roadside beautification. Between the two of them, they also protected many parcels of scenic land along the coast. Her efforts were acknowledged in 1941 when Jessie M. Honeyman State Memorial Park was officially dedicated in her honor.

Preserving the Work of an Earlier Generation

Honeyman State Park District Office

Civilian Conservation Corps in Oregon State Parks

Almost a century ago, a New Deal program designed to put young men to work during the great depression was launched. Operational for only nine years, the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) made a profound impact on Oregon’s public lands. Men were put to work fighting wildfires, building ski areas (including Mt. Hood’s iconic Timberline Lodge), and developing state parks — including Honeyman.

Several CCC structures at Honeyman still stand proudly. They include the stone and log Cleawox Lake bathhouse (1938); the park caretaker’s house and garage (1936-37), which is now the park office; and several rustic kitchen shelters (1937). All are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Your Lottery Play Helps Support Oregon State Parks

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In 1998, Oregonians voted to direct a portion of the funds generated by the Oregon Lottery to support parks and natural habitats. The two programs share a 15% slice of the Oregon Lottery pie. In the case of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, more than one billion dollars has so far been distributed as grants supporting historic cemeteries and museums, neighborhood parks and tot lots, and, of course, our second-to-none state parks. Your lottery play helps support Oregon’s best places — thank you!

Umpqua Lighthouse

More to Dune

If you’re heading to Honeyman, be sure to check out Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, too. It’s about a half hour south of Honeyman and makes a great combination!

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