Tina J – Lyons — 09/14/23

Burger Break Bonanza

Tina found herself at Judy’s Red Barn in Lyons, Oregon, for a lunch date with her husband. The aroma of burgers filled the air as the couple awaited their meal. During the brief interlude before their food arrived, Tina decided to try her luck on Video Lottery. With a $100 bill in hand, she selected her game: “The Price is Right.”

After a few spins, excitement peaked when Tina triggered the Spin-the-Wheel bonus. With anticipation building, she chanted, “Showdown, Showdown, Showdown,” hoping to somehow conjure the top prize. The whole room erupted in cheers as the wheel actually landed on “Showdown”! Stunned, Tina learned she had won an $8,000 jackpot! A fellow player advised Tina to sign her winning ticket — good advice that Tina immediately followed.

Overwhelmed with excitement, Tina drove straight to Salem, eager to collect her prize. The winnings will fund enhancements to the couple’s property and boat dock in Florence, adding a very happy outcome to Tina’s recent lucky streak.