Steven S – Milwaukie — 01/17/23

Playing the High End

Lots of people love to play the higher-end Scratch-its. They don’t mind putting down $10 or $20 for a chance at the highest top prizes.

Colossal Cash Scratch-its fell into this Scratch-it category. Its $20 price tag gave players a chance at prizes ranging from $20 all the way up to $200,000.

How would you react if you played a Colossal Cash Scratch-it in a local Plaid Pantry and realized you had a top prize winner and a $200,000 unexpected windfall?

Steven from Milwaukie was actually pretty calm under the circumstances. Some of our winners have a hard time believing their good luck, but this particular Scratch-it couldn’t have been clearer; Steven revealed a CASH symbol that plainly said, “WIN $200,000.”

Which doesn’t mean that Steven wasn’t absolutely thrilled! He and his wife are already planning a trip to Mexico and, after that, who knows? Congrats, Steven on your big win!