Mike V.Medford — 01/06/22

Keno Switch-up

Mike V., of Medford, usually plays 4-spot Keno games. “That’s the easiest Keno game to win,” pointed out Mike. But every so often he’ll buy an 8-spot Keno ticket. And boy was he happy he did this time!

Letting the computer pick his numbers, Mike’s 8-spot ticket matched all eight numbers to win $103,075.40! He confirmed his win by scanning his ticket with the Oregon Lottery app, which triggered a digital celebration. “I got all the balloons and streamers telling me it was a winner.”

With his winnings, Mike plans to help his two sons who are away at college. On the practical side, Mike also noted his car could use new tires. “We might take a little trip as family,” said Mike. “This is a great way to start the year!”