Jennine L – Eagle Point — 05/22/24

Play Together, Stay Together

Jennine and Larry from Eagle Point know how to make the Scratch-it fun last. Each week, the couple spends $20 on Scratch-its as part of their trip to the grocery store. After returning home and getting the food stowed in the pantry and fridge, they sit down at the dining room table with those Scratch-its, ready to get down to business!

Larry scratches off the “winning” numbers before handing the ticket over to Jennine. She scratches off the first of their numbers, hoping to match a winner. They hand that Scratch-it back and forth, each scratching off a number, until all are revealed – or they uncover a win.

That’s what happened with their Diamond Dust ticket. Larry took his time in uncovering a number when it was his turn, hoping to make the game last. But this time, his number matched—not only did it match, it matched the top prize of $100,000!

The retired couple knows more about making the fun last than you might think. They’ve been married for more than fifty years and are still going strong. Together, they’ll use their win to pay off their car and splurge on some home improvements. Play together, stay together!