Dennis M – Medford — 05/18/22

Those Pesky Winning Tickets!

Imagine sitting with your spouse in a drive-thru, waiting for your chicken sandwiches. As you get to the cashier and pull out your wallet, your Keno tickets (which you’ve been meaning to check) go flying.

This is pretty much what happened to Dennis. As he paid for their lunch, he turned the Keno tickets over to his wife, asking her to please scan them on her phone using the Oregon Lottery app. If they weren’t winners, at least he could throw them out with the food wrappers and not have to worry about carrying them around anymore. That was the plan anyway.

But that’s not quite how it worked out.

The next thing he know, his wife’s phone was “celebrating” (if a phone can actually celebrate), with happy noises and images of balloons and confetti. It turns out that’s what happens when you scan a $70,000 winner!

Dennis bought his winning Keno ticket at the Trophy Club Bar in Medford. Now he and his wife are planning a relaxing trip to Mexico. And we’re betting that next time, Dennis won’t wait so long to scan his lottery tickets!