David S – Gladstone — 02/26/24

Getting Up There

David S., a Milwaukie retiree, likes to pick up a ticket for Oregon’s Game Megabucks when he sees the jackpot “getting up there.” He did just that in January as the jackpot creeped past the $8-million mark, picking up his ticket at the Safeway in Gladstone. And then? He kinda of just forget about it.

On January 24, that $8.4-million jackpot was won; however, for weeks the winner failed to come forward to claim the prize.

It wasn’t until weeks later that David got around to checking his ticket, finally realizing he’d been a bona fide millionaire for almost an entire month without knowing it! Once he’d learned that he was the big Megabucks winner, David was in shock and came to the Lottery to claim his prize immediately.

When asked about his plans for the winnings, David wisely said he will invest most of it. He has no plans for any big splurges. We’re betting though that David will continue to buy the occasional Megabucks tickets, at least when the jackpot is again “getting up there.”