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Sports Betting Coming Soon!

by Patrick Johnson | Jul 12, 2019

The Oregon Lottery® continues working toward a fall launch of a full sports betting program with single game and in-game wagering on a variety of professional sports for players 21 and older. Initially, betting will be conducted on a second Oregon Lottery app.

The app will be geo-fenced, meaning that players will have to be in the state of Oregon to make a wager. Phase 2 features lottery-owned kiosks, placed in retail locations, that allow players to bet on sports. Even before kiosks roll out, retailers can use sports betting as a way to drive traffic. Not everyone who watches games bet, but everyone who bets watches games. Sports betting offers a great opportunity to promote games available to watch at your establishment.

Launching a new game offering and a new sales channel is exciting, however, it won’t replace what Lottery, in partnership with our retail network, is already doing well. Video and traditional lottery products are, and will continue to be, the major share of Lottery revenue. We will continue to invest in games and equipment and we are not putting casino-style games like Video Lottery, on our Lottery mobile app.