Measuring Lottery Favorability

January 31, 2022

two people in wading gear, netting debris in watershed river area

Every year since 2016

the Oregon Lottery has been conducting the Brand Promise Study.

“This study measures Oregonians’ favorability towards Oregon Lottery,” said Lottery Senior Research Consultant Patricia King. “The study also measures awareness of Lottery funded beneficiaries and attitudes towards the Lottery and other forms of gambling, as well as awareness of Oregon’s Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment Program. We are also interested in playership and perceptions of Oregon Lottery games,” added Patricia.

To gather the information for the study, a representative sample of 800 Oregonians, 18 years of age or older, including both Lottery players and non-players were contacted.

Here is a sampling of just some of the findings from the 2021 Brand Promise Study:

  • 77% of Oregonians have a positive opinion about the Lottery
  • “I think overall the Lottery can be positive and is a great way for the state to raise extra funds voluntarily for important areas that tend to have a need for more funding without raising taxes.”
  • 59% of Oregonians agree that the Lottery is an appropriate way to raise revenue for Oregon – the highest level since 2018
  • Oregonians continue to be aware of the good that Lottery does in supporting state programs, and they would like to hear about how Lottery funds help State Parks and Natural Resources (72%), Public Education (70%), and Oregon’s Economy and Job Creation (62%).