Retailer Round-Up

April 5, 2024

illustration of a red bullhornRetail Contract Extended Two Years

Based on the Oregon Lottery director’s recommendation, the Oregon Lottery Commission approved a two-year extension of the current retail contract during a February meeting. This means there are no changes to the contract—only the date will be extended from June 29, 2025 to June 29, 2027. The extension was needed for the following reasons:

  1. In 2023, the internet system providing communication between Lottery and retail locations was deemed obsolete and the service provider would be deactivating hardware at the end of the year. Over the next two years, the provider will upgrade the system with faster, more reliable service. Lottery will carry any increase in line charges until an increase is reflected in the 2027 contract.
  2. As outdated internal retail and contract management system is being replaced with a new, more secure retailer portal. The extension will offer more time for this transition.
  3. Oregon Lottery’s new director will have more time to listen and engage with retailers before the 2027 contract is developed.

Retailers can expect to receive communication about the process for the 2027 contract in fall 2025.

New Product News

a fan of three Visit Oregon State Parks Scratch-its. The tickets are green, teal, and mustard yellow and have a retro travel poster aesthetic.

Nostalgic Scratch-its Invite Players to ‘Visit Oregon State Parks’

Summer is when the outdoors truly start calling to Oregonians. What better way to capture the spirit of the campers, hikers, adventure seekers, and anglers than with our new Oregon State Park-themed Scratch-its! The $5 ticket features three nostalgic scenes of park landscapes and fishing.

Lottery game play helps ensure that our state parks are continuously maintained and improved, with State Parks receiving nearly $1 billion in Lottery funds since 1999. Whether a player is pit stopping at the grocery store or filling the gas tank, it’s also a great time to “Visit Oregon State Parks” while going for a chance at a $50,000 top prize. These uniquely Oregon-themed Scratch-its go on sale in May.

Now Launching $20 Sky High CrosswordSky High Crossword Scratch-it is in the background. In the foreground is a hand reaching out holding a $20 bill

Oregon Lottery’s first $20 crossword is now available. Sky High Crossword has a top prize of $175,000. Due to the continued growth in the higher price points, the $20 Crossword replaced one of the $2 games in the planogram. This helps optimize our game mix and gives players the price points they are looking for.

With the launch of the $20 Crossword, we have increased the size of our $20 Scratch-it packs from 10 to 20 tickets. This increases the cost of the packs from $200 to $400. The larger packs will last longer in dispensers and require less frequent restocking.

An illustration of a stage spotlight on a light blue background illuminates a title in bold font that reads

Retailer Success Stories

Read on to see how Kim has made having Video Lottery in her restaurant a success for her and her customers.

Inside of Leo's Lair, we see a smiling Asian woman with long wavy black hair wearing a gray turtleneck and an Oregon Lottery apron over black trousers. She is standing between Oregon Lottery video lottery terminals inside of a bar, decorated with wood paneling.Owner: Kim Bun

Location: 13587 NW Cornell Rd, Portland

Lottery Offerings: Six Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), Keno, draw games

Average VLT Sales: $171,987 per week

After taking over a former pizza shop in 2023, Kim Bun grew her Video Lottery sales and earned a sixth terminal, going from an average of $62,149 a week to $171,987. How did she do it? Bun says it’s due in part to her customer-first approach.

“I really care about building a relationship with my customers,” she said. “I want to create a friendly atmosphere.” The space has undergone a transformation as well, creating a 21 and over area that’s open, clean, and welcoming to VLT players. This section of the bar also features TVs, pool tables (free pool on Sundays), and comfortable chairs—all things she feels contributes to the loyal customer base she’s built in aInside of Leo's Lair, we see an aged word floor with several pool tables. Against the far wall are several Video Lottery machines. On the walls are several TVs playing local sports. short timeframe.

The front area of the business caters to all ages and is where families can grab a pizza or teams can gather after a sports game. Another way she gave her sales a boost: adding Keno, Powerball, and other draw games to her offerings.

With a goal for more growth and at the urging of her customers, Bun is planning to expand hours and offer breakfast starting at 9 am. Currently the business opens at 11 am.

Coming Soon:Illustration of stacks of bills. Sitting on top of them is a phone screen displaying several checkboxes under an image of the Oregon Lottery logo and the title "Online Survey"
Annual Retailer Satisfaction Survey

In September, the Lottery’s annual satisfaction survey will go live. This is your opportunity to give us feedback and share how you think we’re doing. In appreciation for completing the survey, you can enter a cash prize drawing (multiple prizes available).

Do we have your correct contact info?

To ensure you receive the survey, please send any updated contact information (email or mailing address) to Katie Hutson at

For corporate/chain retailers interested in participating, please send store-level contact information to Sue Finer at

All updates to contact information must be provided by July 31, 2024.


A laptop is open to the website homepage. Peeking above the top of the laptop are some flyers titled "Changing your relationship with gambling"New Tools and Resources for Players

Oregonians looking for information to address issues with gambling can find help on, which now features new tools and resources.

Thanks to work with our partners in the research community, the site enhancements offer players new features for those looking to make a change to their gambling–whether it’s cutting down, taking a break, being more mindful, or quitting altogether.

These resources are designed to allow players, wherever they are in their journey, to make a plan that works for their own goals.

NEW Tools and Resources include:an icon of a navy-black hand held out flat. Hovering above it are bright blue icons of a hammer and a wrench, as though the hand is holding or presenting the viewer with tools.

  • Your Relationship with Gambling workbook
  • Budget and Habit-tracking apps
  • Gambling blocking tool
  • Self-care tools
  • Links to online communities
  • New ways to access professional support


Contact your Account Manager or our customer service team at 1-800-766-6789

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