Ethelyn Tumalad

Oregon’s 2022 Teacher of the Year

Ethelyn teaches Language Arts/AVID at Clackamas High School in the North Clackamas School District

Ethelyn, a proud Filipino-American, pictured with family members

Oregon Teacher of the Year Ethelyn Tumalad and family

When is a Classroom Like a Dining Table?

When the classroom belongs to Ethelyn Tumalad, Oregon’s 2022 Teacher of the year!

“Not only do Filipinos love to feed you,” she says, “but we’re very generous; we’ve been through a lot. We have resiliency.” Although she’s not talking about literal food, it’s about giving every child what they need to learn. “There should always be a seat at the table. Whatever my student is hungry for, that’s what they will get.”

Clackamas High School entrance

Teaching More Than English

Ethelyn’s passion extends far beyond the four walls of her classroom and traditional Language Arts curriculum. She is also an AVID advisor, a program that helps close the opportunity gap for students as they prepare for college, careers, and life. She advises the school’s Asian Pacific Islander Student Union. She participates as a leader in several roles that work toward equity for students, especially students who, like Ethelyn herself, may have never seen themselves centered in the traditional high school experience.

Ethelyn’s Approach

Assistant Principal, Clackamas High School

Her approach resonates well beyond the four walls of her classroom. As Assistant Principal Alyssa Engle points out, “Ethelyn is a kid magnet. She really connects to students’ identities and cultures. She builds that into her curriculum so that students can see themselves in her classroom, in the hallways; it permeates throughout the whole school.”

This is how great teachers make a difference — not just by the measure of standardized tests and student transcripts, but in making sure all students have a chance to succeed in their classes and beyond — by making sure everyone has a seat at the table.

Pictured: Assistant Principal Alyssa Engle

Ethelyn Talamud, Oregon 2022 Teacher of the Year

Oregon Teacher of the Year

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