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Ruffwear Expands the Pack with New Coworking Facilities

They may be our best friends and constant companions, but dogs are so much more. Just ask Ruffwear. This Bend-based company doesn’t just make dog equipment, it endeavors to “do well by doing good” in all their business practices.

Ruffwear put their philosophy into practice recently when they used Lottery-funded grants to create a new coworking space in Bend. The new space doesn’t just expand their own facilities, but just as importantly, serves as a hub for sharing and collaborating with other early-stage outdoor gear companies and even unrelated businesses. The project benefits not just Ruffwear, but a much broader section of Oregon’s economy.

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Ruffwear – Doing Oregon Proud

Started more than 25 years ago in founder Patrick Kruse’s garage, Ruffwear has grown into one of Oregon’s most innovative outdoor companies.

Headquartered in Bend, its mission is “to build dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.” With a goal like that, is it any wonder Ruffwear has gained a reputation as one of the outdoor industries best places to work?

Learn more about Ruffwear’s office dogs (and their working companions) and their products.

Photo: @ruffwear