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Dragons Over Nanjing

Take to the skies and fly with the dragons. Experience the sounds, colors and mystical creatures of the far east. Dragons Over Nanjing inhabits a Chinese-inspired world filled with enchanting characters like Koi Fish, Stone Lions, and, of course, Dragons! Experience this fast-moving game filled with bonus pots, a Moving Wild feature, and growing jackpots. Fly to the East (at least in your imagination) and play at a Video Lottery location near you!


Preview the Bonus Round!

Sample the excitement of the Max Bonus Pot. Watch those dragons fly!

Check out Dragon's Temple

But Wait! There’s More!

Need more fire-breathing dragon excitement to help you celebrate the Year of the Rat? Check out Dragon’s Temple for yet more far-east Video Lottery fun!

Kam Wah Chung

China in Oregon: The Golden Flower of Opportunity

Immerse yourself in Oregon’s early Chinese culture in John Day. This small eastern Oregon town hosted one of Oregon’s first Chinese settlements during its early days of settlement.

Kam Wah Chung which means “The golden flower of opportunity,” was established in 1887 by two settlers from South China, Ing Hay and Lung On. Built over 140 years ago, Kam Wah Chung was home to both gentlemen. They spent their days creating a social, medical and religious center for the local Chinese community.

Today the historic landmark and museum is an Oregon State Heritage Site which visitors can access on guided tours. Next time you’re in the area, make a quick visit and see how Oregon Lottery funds help preserve special places like Kam Wah Chung — and learn more about the important role Chinese immigrants played in Oregon’s history.

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Lan Su

China in Oregon: 蘭蘇園 Lan Su

One of the most authentic Chinese gardens (outside of China, that is) is located right here in Oregon. Lan Su translates to “Garden of Awaken Orchid.” It’s a window into Chinese culture and history that you’re sure to enjoy, right in the heart of Portland.

Take a simple walk around this oasis of tranquility or enjoy a respite inside the Red Robe Teahouse. You can also practice your Mandarin skills, learn about Chinese calligraphy or just sit back and enjoy traditional music. Make it a must-see experience next time you visit Portland’s China Town.

After enjoying Lan Su, take a short walk to CC Slaughter’s Lounge for some more fun playing video lottery or try Hobo's Restaurant for a filling meal and other Oregon Lottery games. Share your visit with us on our Facebook @ORlottery or on Instagram using #OregonLottery. We’d love to see your adventures!

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Dragon Swipe

Dragon Swipe

Test your eyes and abilities with Dragon Swipe. Master the puzzle and when you're done head over to your favorite Video Lottery retailer to explore other mythical adventures with Dragon Over Nanjing.


Based on a True Story

Once upon a time in the not so far away city of Salem, there was a Lottery player named Kevin. His dream was to travel around the country in his RV. One day something unexpected happened.

While playing Video Lottery at the famous Golden Dragon Restaurant, Kevin hit a $600 jackpot, or at least that’s what he thought. His excitement began after three spins when a bonus appeared on his screen. “I was so excited, I didn’t know what to do!” he said smiling. He quickly signed the ticket and took it to the clerk. But the clerk took a closer look and noticed Kevin had actually hit a bigger jackpot — a startling amount of $6,707. 

The win took Kevin by surprise and the windfall gets him a step closer to his dream. The End.

You too could experience the luck of the dragons when you play Dragons Over Nanjing. After all, it’s always a story worth telling when there are Dragons.

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How To Play

To play any of the Video LotterySM games, visit a Video Lottery retail location and simply insert your money in the bill acceptor, and select the poker or line game you want to play (to find a Video Lottery retail location, use the Find a Retailer button above. 

To find out how to play a specific game on a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT), press the (HELP) or (PAYS/HELP) button on the screen. You can then see how to play that particular game and learn about winning combinations.

Video Lottery Game Terms


2nd Screen Bonus

This type of bonus takes the player away from the main game screen for a short time to play for bonus credits without risking their money.


This type of bonus awards the player additional awards without risking their money.


This type of bonus awards the player additional awards without risking their money.

Bonus Pots & Incremental Bonus Pots

Bonus pots typically seed at a certain level and increment as non-winning play occurs. Once a bonus pot is hit, the seed value is reset.

Expanding WILD/Full Reel Wild

An expanding WILD symbol is one which expands vertically throughout the reel it is on and substitutes for any other symbol on the reel (exceptions apply for wild substitutions – see game rules).

Free Spin Bonus

Free spins are typically like any other spin on a line game, however, the player doesn’t have to pay credits to activate them.


Multipliers multiply the amount of credits won. For example, if you’ve won 40 credits on a bonus game, then a 2x multiplier means you won 80 credits.

Scatter Pays

Scatter symbols are symbols that do not need to be on a specific pay line. Typically, it does not have to line up on the normal paylines. Scatter symbols pay a number of credits or can trigger a bonus.

Split Symbols

Split symbols feature places two symbols in one reel position to increase the chances of achieving a winning line combination. (Twin Win)

Stacked Wilds

A stacked wild is a wild symbol that can cover up to an entire reel when it drops. They are normally in bands of 3 or 4 symbols that appear on every reel or are set on specific reels (exceptions apply for wild substitutions – see game rules).

Tumbling Reels

Symbols that make up a winning combination disappear after win and are replaced with more symbols that could make more winning combinations.

Wild Symbol

A wild symbol is generally used to fill out reel combinations that produce a line win (exceptions apply for wild substitutions – see game rules).

Onscreen Bonus

This type of bonus remains on the main game screen for the player to choose from a selection of additional awards.

Locking Symbols

Symbols that lock into place and remaining non-locking symbols are spun again.


MultiWay™ wagering allows players to buy reel positions rather than the standard line pattern.

Game-in-Game Bonus

A 3-reel game within a line game, with each game-in-game having its own paytable.

Nudging Wild

A wild symbol that moves down one reel position after each spin that allows another chance to produce a line win.

Surrounding Wild

A surrounding WILD symbol is one which expands and turns all surrounding symbols wild and substitutes for any other symbol on the reel or line (exceptions apply for wild substitutions – see game rules).

Cluster Wilds

A group of two or more adjacent wild symbols that can be added at random to the reels. The Cluster Wild turns any symbol positions which it covers to wild. Exceptions apply for wild substitutions – see games rules.

Hot Zones

Hot Zones are wild patterns that spin independently of the reels and have a chance to land on reels at the end of each spin. The Hot Zone turns any symbol positions which it covers wild. Exceptions apply - see game rules. In some games, Hot Zones can be Locking Hot Zones.

Did I Win?

Here are some ways to find out if you’ve won:

Take your ticket to a Lottery retail location and use the “Did you Win?” terminal

It’s Your Ticket – Sign the Back!

Be sure to sign the back of your ticket when you buy it to ensure you can claim any prize you may win!

Claim Your Prize


Your options for where you can claim your prize will depend on which game you played and how much you won. See the Claiming Prizes page for all the details.

Odds & Payout Info

Video PokerSM Games >>

A payout percentage range for video poker games can be found on the individual game pages, by clicking the “GAMES” button and looking up a particular game. In video poker games, player choices affect the actual payout percentage of the game. All Oregon Lottery® video poker games have an auto-hold feature in which the game recommends a card-holding strategy during each individual game. Auto-hold strategies vary by game, based on the particular features of a game and do not necessarily result in theoretical payouts. Players have the option of overriding the game’s selections anytime. 

Line Games >>

Each Video LotterySM line game’s theoretical payout percentage can be found on the individual game pages, by clicking the “GAMES” button and looking up a particular game. If a percentage range is indicated for a line game, this means that certain pays may be increased with larger wagers, and/or a bonus may return more with a larger wager. 

Theoretical payout percentages represent the percentage of all credits played returned to players in prizes in the long run. Theoretical payout percentages are based on millions of games played. Individual play experience will vary. Since the result of each spin is chosen at random, only over time will a machine’s actual performance achieve the theoretical payout percentage. Some deviation from the machine’s payout percentage is allowed and expected, but the deviation gets smaller as the number of games played increases. Theoretical payout percentages are verified by an independent, third-party testing laboratory and vary by game. 

Odds for Video Lottery Games >>

Each Video LotterySM line game’s theoretical payout percentage can be found on the individual game pages, by clicking the “GAMES” button and looking up a particular game. If a percentage range is indicated for a line game, this means that certain pays may be increased with larger wagers, and/or a bonus may return more with a larger wager. 

It’s important to note that Video Lottery terminals operate randomly at all times, no matter how many wins or losses have occurred in the past, altering play patterns, time of day, or position of the machine within a Video Lottery retail location. In other words, the result of your last game has no bearing on the result of your next game. 

Odds of winning smaller prizes are much greater than the odds of winning the top prize. Remember, the outcome is random, every time you play. 

The overall odds of winning a prize for each Video Lottery game is posted either on the main game screen, or a help screen on each video lottery terminal. The odds of winning a prize are the same every time you play.