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​Watershed Enhancement

Watershed Enhancement

Just north of Lincoln City, where the Salmon River flows into the Pacific, one of the last wild tracks of coastland has been preserved. In Seaside, you can hike its marshy trails and observe any one of 157 different species of birds flying overhead or nesting on its river banks. And in Milton-Freewater, the river that winds its way through town, now flows year-round, where once it didn’t. The Salmon River Estuary, Neawanna Estuary System and the Walla Walla River are just a few of the thousands of successful watershed projects funded with Oregon Lottery dollars. Administered through Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, these dollars help create and maintain healthy watersheds throughout the state. Whether it’s restoring salmon habitat or improving water quality, Lottery profits are helping make our state as hospitable to fish and wildlife as it is to people. 

Since 1985 over $7 billion in Lottery profits has gone to economic development, education, state parks and watershed enhancement.

The Oregon Lottery – when you play it does good things.

Good things by county

See how the Oregon Lottery helped your county during 2013-2015.

Whychus Creek

Whychus Creek

Oregon Lottery dollars helped the reintroduction of salmon and steelhead to their native habitat preserve, a vital tributary for generations to come.



57% of Oregon Lottery profits go to Oregon's public schools and the future stewards of Oregon.