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Community Sponsorships

Supporting Community Programs and Events

The Oregon Lottery continues to do good things by funding important projects throughout the state. To help share our success stories with Oregonians, the Lottery has developed a community outreach program that sponsors numerous programs and events, which provide opportunities for our organization to raise awareness of how Lottery dollars benefit Oregon. 

Submit Your Proposal

We are always inviting organizations to submit proposals for the Oregon Lottery to consider. Be advised that the community sponsorship program does not award grants; it is a participatory sponsorship program between the Lottery and its partner for the duration of the sponsorship agreement. In order to be considered for sponsorship, your event or your organization must align with one of these four areas funded by Lottery profits: 

  • Job Creation & Economic Development
  • Public Education
  • State Parks
  • Watershed Enhancement

Your proposal should include: 

  • Date / Time / Location / Event History / Proposed Sponsorship Cost

The Lottery’s evaluation process for acceptance focuses on (but is not limited to) how well a proposal fulfills the following criteria: 

  • Alignment – Provide an in-depth explanation of how your event aligns with one of our four areas of funding. All event themes and beneficiaries must directly align with one of the Lottery’s funding recipients listed above to be initially considered.
  • Audience* – What is the expected attendance and age of the attendees? The Lottery evaluates the size of audience, age of attendees and the likelihood of appreciation of the Lottery’s involvement and messaging.
  • Activation – One facet of the community outreach program is to put a “face” on the Lottery. What are the opportunities for the Lottery to personally interact with your audience to share our messaging on how Lottery profits help Oregonians?
  • Assets – What media opportunities (logo recognition, print ads, banners, premium distribution, website mention, public address mention, programs, invites etc.) or other tangible items of value are being offered to recognize Lottery sponsorship?

*Anyone under the age of 18 cannot purchase a Lottery product. Therefore, any proposals for events that specifically include minors as the primary audience may be deemed inappropriate for the Lottery to consider. 

If you think your event or your organization aligns with one of our four funding areas and can assist us in educating Oregonians about how our profits benefit the state, please mail your proposal to: 

Oregon Lottery
Attn: Oregon Wins Sponsorships
P.O. Box 12649
Salem, OR 97309-0649. 


Please email your proposal to:

If you have any questions, please call 503-540-​1394, or email

The Oregon Lottery – when you play it does good things.

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Good things by county

See how the Oregon Lottery helped your county during 2013-2015.

Job Creation & Economy

Job Creation & Economy

See how Lottery profits attract new businesses and help existing companies grow.



Lottery funds help support Oregon's public education system.

State Parks

State Parks

Lottery dollars purchase new parklands and help support all of Oregon's state parks.

Watershed Enhancement

Watershed Enhancement

Lottery funds protect wildlife and help the environment by enhancing watersheds.