Commission Meeting, April 21, 2023, 10 am

Commissioners attended the April 21, 2023, OSL Commission meeting via a web meeting.


A.  Public comment

    • No public comment was received.

B.  Director’s report

C.  Minutes of the previous commission meeting

E.  Rulemaking – VLT Inventory Management

    • Rulemaking presentation
    • OAR 177-040-0001, General Application Requirements
    • OAR 177-040-0003, Application for Temporary Lottery Retailer Contract
    • OAR 177-040-0017, Additional Video Lottery Retailer Application Requirements and Lottery Authority to Prevent and Resolve Concentrations
    • OAR 177-045-0030, Video Lottery Game Terminals
    • OAR 177-045-0035, Temporary Pause on Additional Video Lottery Retailer Locations

F.  Staff updates

    • Product performance quarterly updates
    • Sports betting update
    • Play It Forward campaign review

G.  Commissioner communications and other business