William Z – Rainier — 03/01/23

A Rainier Win

Since its launch last year, Big City 5s Diamond Jackpot has become William’s favorite Video Lottery game. He and his wife Veronica also have a favorite place to play their favorite game: The Deli Store in Rainier. That’s where the two were on an unremarkable Wednesday night recently, enjoying something to eat and playing Big City 5s. But that unremarkable evening soon became extraordinary—the diamonds lined up and the win tally kept growing. By the time it stopped, William had a $17,086 win!

The very excited couple got up early the next day and headed directly to the Lottery prize payment center in Wilsonville. They don’t know exactly how they are going to spend their win, but they do know they’ll be back again at the Deli Store in Rainer soon.