Vickie D.Gresham — 12/18/21

Kind Words for Crosswords

Vickie likes taking the time to play crossword Scratch-its. “I’m retired. I’ve got the time,” she quipped.

She recently bought two $10-Crossword Explosion Scratch-its at Dotty’s on Burnside, and she took them home to play that night. The first one produced a $20 win. “Cool, I broke even,” Vickie thought.

She then moved onto her second Scratch-it and couldn’t believe what she was seeing; it looked like she’d matched 12 words! She even woke her roommate up to double-check her ticket. Sure enough, she had won a $100,000 top prize!

Although Vickie’s not entirely sure what she’ll do with her win, she’ll start by paying some bills and improving her truck. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if she also put at least a few dollars aside to keep playing crossword Scratch-its.