Theresa H.Newberg — 11/17/22

Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Like a lot of us, Theresa likes to purchase a Scratch-it now and then. That urge struck again when she was on a recent trip to NAPS in Newberg. The “What’s Under the Tree” holiday Scratch-it caught her eye, and she decided, “Why not?” A little scratching fun is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. She spent $10 and took the ticket home to play.

The next day she finally had a chance to sit down and play her Scratch-it. Incredibly, it looked like she won, and not just a couple dollars. Theresa couldn’t believe it what she was seeing, so she scanned the ticket with the Oregon Lottery app. At that point all doubts vanished—the on-screen confetti and congratulations message confirmed everything she’d hoped: She’d won a top prize of $75,000!

Theresa, wisely, is going to save her money for a while. After that, she’s going to get her car fixed up, and who knows what else. She has plenty of time to decide, but, undoubtedly, she’s going to have a happy holiday season, thanks at least in part to that spontaneous bit of Scratch-it fun.