Tanner K and Dwayne B – Eugene — 03/01/23

What are the Odds?

Best friends often have a lot in common, but Tanner and Dwayne took things to a whole new level when they each won identical $1,500 Video Lottery prizes the same day!

The two friends live in Eugene and decided to come to the Lottery office together when both won a nice, round $1,500 Video Lottery jackpot. They won the same day even though they didn’t win at the same restaurant. Tanner won his prize at the Cowfish in Eugene. Dwayne won his at the Jackalope Lounge, also in Eugene.

They couldn’t have been more excited — for themselves and each other — if they had won ten times the amount!

Tanner plans to use his prize toward household expenses and repairs. Dwayne plans to use his, “to win even more!” And if that plan doesn’t happen to work out, we’re sure he and Tanner will have fun trying!